Enhance Your Work Ethic to Keep my Job

Hard working ethic or work esteem is by all accounts the most misjudged words in the English dialect today. The most effective method to keep your occupation isn’t generally near the mental estimation of a mind specialist or an atomic researcher, however a few people assumes that way. In my fathers and granddads days, the genuine mystery of clutching an occupation is to do (in addition to other things) the best employment you can.

Can you imagine a restaurant that can’t keep a cook, or maybe a server? The owners want to be in business, they want to be an asset to the community, but they just cannot find reliable workers. Unfortunately, they won’t be open for business very long.

Some suggestions on how to keep your job:

· Be on time – ALWAYS.

· Do the job the way the boss wants and when he wants it.

· Honor your own words – you said them, keep them. Remember – You’re only as good as your own word.

· Be reliable beyond belief.

· Physical appearance depends on what the boss wants – (and gets).

· Mental attitude also depends on the customer (and the boss). Anything other than a good attitude will get you down the road, no questions asked.

Think about what your resume will look like when you list job after job with the multiple excuses for leaving, by choice or otherwise. There are many companies that (more or less) go by the rule of not more than 3 jobs in 2 years. More than that, you just are not qualified. It’s getting harder and harder to stay with a company for any extended time, but you have to try. You say you don’t need a formal resume? OK, but you will have to fill out an application with the risk of being checked on to see what is fact and what isn’t. Falsehoods generally means an automatic dismissal.

So you want to be the president or the owner of the company? Work for it!! I don’t know of any supervisor, manager or even the owner of the company that isn’t looking for one of the employees to rise up and take the job over. One thing is for sure – if you lack a good work ethic, sorry, but you’re on the freeway to failure.